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Our Features

Thoughtune provides multiple services to the user including instant survey results and an effective blocking strategy for cravings in real-time settings, guided mental imagery practice, social support and effective computer-based therapy.

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Subscriptions give you access to all Thoughtune content. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Thoughtune User: Buzzzymama01

Date: 10/09/2021

A perfect solution for my managing mental health! I downloaded this app in the hope to reduce my anxiety and the food addiction I have because of my anxiety, and I am 2 weeks in and already seeing huge results. As a busy mum, I am always putting myself and my needs last so something I can access on my phone at any convenient time works best for me without needing to make appointments to see counselors or other specialists, etc.

The app initially helped me to self-diagnose my issues, and there are some helpful features to help manage them. The mindfulness exercise helped me to switch my mindset from anxious to goal-focused, and I enjoyed using this daily before bed. The retune feature is so fun and so effective I can see how it has helped me to retune and retrain my brain to focus on the positive healthier options! Amazing*****

Block helped me to tackle my cravings as well, as I found myself focusing on the game enough to help me forget about that next chocolate bar and to overcome those intrusive thoughts.

Overall, I have just redone the initial questionnaire after using this app daily for 2 weeks, and I can confirm that the severity score of my issue has already reduced, and this app is working! I can’t wait to continue to use this brilliant app and urge you to do the same if you are struggling with addiction or mental health issues. I am looking forward to others joining me and others on the chat feature for a secure place to discuss our issues and our struggles. See you there!

Thoughtune is one to watch!! 5*


    What is your favourite feature and why?

  • Chat room and meditation songs
  • Games
  • Retune. I love the idea of training positive thinking
  • Appearance
  • The game that gives me a little relief from stressful moments
  • None
  • Real time survey results. I can have the results on time.
  • Real time survey results. I find it easier to understand my mental health wellness.
  • Chat room

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