How it Works

Thoughtune is a wellbeing app that reduces anxiety and depression by assisting you through the behaviour change process, motivating you to achieve your desired health, social or occupational goals.

This is achieved by providing 5 features:

The Identify feature can identify a variety of mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, eating behaviour, alcohol addiction and substance dependence.

DIRECTIONS: The Identify feature should be used when you think you have a problem in one of the 5 areas. A follow-up questionnire should be complete 4-6 weeks after the initial survey to check your progress.

The Goals feature provides a collaborative counselling technique known as Guided imagery practice a unique approach to behaviour change that uses mental imagery to motivate change.

DIRECTIONS: The Goals feature can be used multiple times daily to keep you focused on your goal.

The Retune feature provides computer-based therapy to re-train the brain encouraging the user to focus on positive information over the negative.

DIRECTIONS: The Retune feature can be used once a day to help you focus on positive information.

The Chat feature provides environmental opportunities that exist to show society is supportive of the healthy behaviour.

DIRECTIONS: The Chat feature can be used whenever you feel like socialising.

The Block feature was designed to combat cravings and negative thought patterns when they occur in real-time settings. Research research shows that playing this style of high cognitive load game for 3 minutes can reduce cravings and negative thought patterns.

DIRECTIONS: The Block feature should be used for atleast 3 mins when you are experiencing cravings or negative thought patterns.

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